Color plays a vital role in the world we live in. It is present in every aspect of our lives. 

Color adds life to our world tinting it with vibrancy & emotions. 

Soujanya is passionately linked with this exciting aspect of life and breathes “life into color”.

We are a dynamic fast moving organization dedicated to the manufacturing of color. Our focus is on manufacturing of color dispersion for coating companies.

Our products include various types of color dispersions such as colorants for point-of-sale tinting system of architectural paints, colorants for in-plant tinting of water-based paints and colorants for industrial coatings. 

We invite you to experience the unique solutions which Soujanya has to offer through this website. 

A strong focus on providing right solutions to our customers and a philosophy of being planet friendly with green products and processes have helped to establish Soujanya as a leading preferred supplier of colorant products for coatings companies all over the world.